The Most effective Bariatric Surgery Type: Lap Band Houston

The Lap Band refers to a silicon band put around the patient’s stomach. While here, it creates a small stomach pouch that prevents excessive eating in a patient.  This device can either be adjusted or removed, if required since it is a restrictive rather than a malabsorbtive one. Laparoscopy is followed when placing the band. This enables patients to be discharged on the same day, following the surgery.

Recovery takes a short time allowing patients to resume work and other routine within four to five days. Compared to other weight loss surgery methods, Lap Band is the least invasive type of bariatric surgery. This is because of the reduced level of complication it has, it has less pain and reduced scarring among patients who undergo it. The surgeons atLapband Houston discuss with patients whether this treatment suits them. In doing this, the surgeons consider the following aspects:

*    One should be an adult meaning at least 18 years old.
*    One should have a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or more. Alternatively. One should weigh twice their ideal weight or have an excess of 100 pounds to their ideal weight.
*    One should have been obese for at least five years and their efforts to lose weight have not led to long term success.
*    When one does not suffer from another disease making them to be overweight.
*    One is ready to adjust both their lifestyle and eating habits.
*    One is prepared to continue working with the practitioner that is administering treatment to them.
*    One does not over-drink alcohol.

There are other aspects that the Lap Band surgeons may consider and conclude that this procedure does not suit a given patient. The following conditions disqualify one from being suitable for the Lap Band procedure:

*   When one has cirrhosis.
*   When one has a portal hypertension.
*   When has an inflammatory condition along their gastrointestinal tract e.g. ulcers, Crohn’s disease and chronic esophagitis.
*   When one has severe lung or heart disorders that make them unsuitable for surgery.
*   When one has a condition that may result to bleeding in the stomach or esophagus such as a dilated vein.
*   When someone’s stomach, esophagus or intestine are either acquired or congenital such as a narrowed opening.
*   When one is pregnant. The band may require inflation is one becomes pregnant after it has been placed. This also applies to if one needs more nutrition after, for instance being severely ill.
*   If one has severe pancreatitis.
*   When one is a drug or alcohol addict.
*   When has a chronic steroid treatment that has been on for a long time.
*   When one is not ready to comply with the dietary regulations that come along with this procedure.
*   When one cannot put up with pain arising from an implanted device.

The  Lapband Houston  surgeons have a lot of criteria that they base on to decide whether a patient qualifies for a Lap Band surgery or not. More about this can be obtained from!

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