The Numerous Uses for Molded Chocolate

Chocolate is always a big hit at any event. Gourmet chocolatiers are now offering molded chocolate in hundreds of different designs to help people everywhere put the finishing touches on their event. The chocolate true chocolatiers use is 100 percent Belgian and made with only the purest ingredients. Available in milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate, wrapped in a variety of different colored foils, there is a perfect design for every event.


Fundraisers are the perfect place to hand out pieces of gourmet chocolate to thank everyone for participating and aiding in raising funds for the cause. You can choose a mold that represents the reason for your fundraiser or the theme of your night. If you are hosting a Las Vegas night to raise money, you can hand out custom chocolate slot machines. If you are raising money for breast cancer awareness, you can hand out a chocolate breast cancer awareness ribbon wrapped in pink foil. You can also customize the foil color to represent any other type of cancer your fundraiser is being held for.

Welcome Back to School

Welcome teachers and staff back to school with gourmet chocolate molded pencils. The first few days back are always days filled with anticipation, stress and excitement. Treat your teachers and staff to delicious chocolate to commemorate the start of school and to give them a small treat to get them off to a good start for the year.


There is nothing sweeter than being awarded with chocolate. Whether you are hosting an awards ceremony for kids or adults, everyone will love receiving chocolate medallions on a red, white and blue ribbon or a chocolate star award. Recognize the stars and hand them the sweetest award they will ever receive.

Retirement Parties

Chocolate favors are the perfect way to thank guests for spending your special day with you. If you are celebrating retirement, you can find the perfect chocolate mold to represent the industry you are leaving behind. Whether you worked in construction, technology or public service, you are sure to find the perfect mold to hand out to your guests.

Kids’ Parties

Kids of all ages love chocolate. Find the perfect molded chocolate to fit into the theme of your child’s birthday party this year and use the gourmet chocolate to decorate the tables and to give to guests as they leave the party. Kids will be simply delighted to see the theme of their party reflected in little gourmet chocolates wrapped in vibrant colored foil.

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