The Proper Selection of a Reclining Treatment Chair

by | Oct 4, 2012 | health-medical

A reclining treatment chair is an essential component of any professional medical practice, particularly if your practice is engaged in some way in ensuring the highest levels of patient comfort. A patient’s ability to recline while being tested or treated while at your medical facility is vital, particularly for those who are overweight or who have serious health conditions. Select a nice chair to keep them comfortable.

Keeping Patients Comfortable

Fortunately, selecting a reclining treatment chair or a group of chairs for your practice that recline while allowing you to treat patients as they recline is not that difficult. Just watch out for specific components that you would like to have as part of your chair. Will you need to draw blood? Will you require an attachable table to keep patients’ arms raised? What other special functions do you need to make the treatment process as simple as possible, both for you and for your patients? When answering these questions, also take care to choose a high-quality piece of furniture from a reputable provider. The deeper you dig into what precisely you want for your practice, the more exposed you can become to the right high-quality chair that fits your practice’s – and your patients’ – needs.

Considerations to Make

Selecting the appropriate chair for your practice involves more than simply finding a chair that reclines. The right amount of cushion thickness comes into play, as does the appropriate weight capacity, which generally falls at around 325 pounds for a high-quality reclining treatment chair. Strong casters allow for patients to be relocated easily, while arm configurations must be carefully weighed before finalizing a selection. Remember, your chair should be as functional as it is comfortable since it will be used as a treatment chair too.

Meeting Quality Standards

Additionally, ensuring that the chair meets all quality standards set into motion by a well-regarded furniture manufacturing association is vital. Most companies manufacturing these products adhere to strict weight and structural standards, but it is wise to verify just to be on the safe side. Know you are picking a reputable provider and that the provider has been serving the needs of health care facilities like yours for years too, since not every single manufacturer of these products offers the highest quality of merchandise.

The Bottom Line

Once you conduct some extensive research into the chair or chairs you want, you can better ensure patients are safe and well cared for. Their visits with you can be simpler and more convenient. And, of course, they will be more comfortable too.

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