The Research of Bremelanotide for Sexual Dysfunction

Both men and women can experience difficulties when it comes to sex, though most people are more familiar with erectile dysfunction in males. While the media seems to focus more on the problems males can experience in this area of life, it is important to realize that women shouldn’t feel ashamed if they are experiencing difficulties as well. When it comes to getting help for these issues, both men and women can experience results from bremelanotide, which research has determined is an aphrodisiac that works for both men and women.


The use of bremelanotide was not something that was discovered through researching treatments for sexual dysfunction. In fact, the main ingredient in this peptide, melanotan II, was actually being tested for its effectiveness in sunless tanning. However, while they were testing this product on males, they discovered the use of this product resulted in erections for the men. This led researchers to look into the use of this peptide for sexual dysfunctions in both men and women.

How It Works

Bremelanotide works in different ways than many of the other sexual dysfunction products available on the market. These other products often make changes in the vascular system, which can be dangerous for some people, especially if they suffer from cardiovascular problems already. Bremelanotide, on the other hand, works on the actual nervous system, allowing men and women to resolve their problems in this area of their life without making critical changes to the vascular system, which can cause even more health problems.

More Research

Since the discovery of this peptide and its use to remedy sexual dysfunction, the injections have been pulled from the market by the FDA due to issues with increased blood pressure. Even though the product doesn’t deal with the vascular system, it was causing problems in this area. Therefore, more research is needed to ensure this product can be safely marketed for the resolution of sexual dysfunction for men and women.

While bremelanotide was found to be effective in resolving problems in sexual function for men and women by making changes in the nervous system, more research is needed. Even though the peptide was originally slated to provide sunless tanning, it created erections when used on men. This led to the research that resulted in promoting the product for sexual health instead. With more research, scientists hope to provide this peptide to consumers for help in this area.


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