The Signs You Need Garage Door Roller Repairs in Alexandria, VA

If you have a garage door, it will need repairs from time to time. A garage door as a mechanism works because a motor turns a cable. The cable pulls the door up along a roller track. The task of the motor is eased because garage door springs act as counterweights that reduces the amount of force needed to lift the door. So, those are the places that could require garage door roller repairs.

Motor Problems

If you are having motor problems, they will manifest in many different ways. The problems can be as minor as an increase in the amount of noise coming from your motor. If the motor begins to get louder and louder, you might need garage door roller repairs in Alexandria, VA. The noise of the motor is usually a sign that your motor is under increased strain. Something may have come loose or might have degraded to the point that it does not turn smoothly.

If you visit Academy Door, you can see what kind of motor repairs you might need, though the increased strain might not be because of motor problems in and of themselves. It could be a spring problem.

Garage Door Spring Problems

If your garage door spring weakens, it will not work as well as a counterweight. Garage door roller repairs often involve springs that are no longer effective counterweights. If they’re not working effectively as counterweights, that will place more stress on the motor and on the garage door cable as well.

Cable Problems

If the garage door cable is not working as well as it should, it will usually result in a door that does not open as much as you would like. Though they are designed not to, they will stretch over time. That will cause your door to droop when it’s open.

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