The Tricky Perception of Textured Wall Coverings

The beauty of perception is that things aren’t always what they seem but when are they exactly what is perceived? There are many elements in the world of design that depicts one thing but could quite possibly be something entirely different. The introduction of 3D imaging and other innovative concepts enhances the possibility of the uniqueness of design and the manner in which these designs are delivered. Creativity is birthed in the mind and felt in the heart but with implements such as textured wall coverings, there is a strong energy between what appears and what is felt. This is where the design factor becomes a bit tricky but even more tantalizing to the eyes of the beholder.

The Textured Technique

There is always the desire for something different during the course of a design project. In the process of presenting itself different, there should be no loss of quality or wow factor in the finished detail. This is a concept that textured wall coverings accomplishes quite often and it all begins in the detail of the product. The textured concept involves the addition of the 3D imagery that transpires from the walls. It’s highlighted as a result of the manufacturing phase of the product. This type of covering initiates patters that are raised and inspired by the images that they intend to depict. For example, a textured covering could easily be perceived as stone and even feel like stone to the touch. However, in actuality, it’s the embossed or raised patterns that make them appear as such. This is a great way to implement creative and unique elements into the design concept with like products as opposed to the actual product.

The Cost Factor

The textured wall coverings though more expensive than some other wall coverings, is definitely worth every cent that is invested. In many perspectives, the perceptual illusion gives a realistic representation of the actual product which would in turn cost more than the wall cover with the textured appeal. In hindsight, that saves a bit of money in that regard while the other wall covering options don’t offer the illusion or the overall beauty in design. The longevity and the uniqueness of the design makes this approach economically sound and very complementing to the design project. There are a wide variety of options available in textured wall covers, which makes the options limitless.

Textured Wall Coverings are a unique design concept that generates a mound of creativity and excitement in interior design. Wolf Gordon values the availability of a variety of options in decorating.

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