Things That Do Not Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

When people are looking at homes for sale in Colorado Springs, you want them to buy your house at your asking price, so many people do certain things in order to try to increase property value. Some of those things include new landscaping and exterior cleaning, painting trim and making a first impression, as well as possibly remodeling kitchens or bathrooms, adding modern appliances or installing a fireplace. These improvements can indeed add value to homes for sale in Colorado Springs and bring you a better deal when closing time comes around.

However, there are some improvements that have proven over time to not be very effective in adding any substantial value to homes for sale in Colorado Springs. They can be quite costly, as well, but when they do not increase value, they end up being tantamount to throwing away your money, even if they seem to be logical and even genuine improvements.

Many people go overboard and buy new windows for every room in the house, thinking that energy efficiency and a great new appearance will attract would-be buyers. It doesn’t tend to work, however, even though it’s a good idea, unless of course your windows are falling apart and in a state of terrible disrepair.

Installing central air usually does not recover the cost, so although it is a genuine improvement adding to the comfort level of homes for sale in Colorado Springs, it doesn’t add significant value.

Installing a tennis court, a swimming pool and patio, a miniature golf course, or other amenities is usually so costly that anything you add to the price of your home does not meet the initial cost of the addition. So it isn’t worth the expense.

When you do remodel, count the cost and compare with the added value. If it evens out or the cost ends up being more, then it probably isn’t worth it, especially if it is a huge undertaking that takes time and energy, as well, such as replacing all of your carpeting with new expensive hardwood floors, marbled columns, or an exorbitant replica of a Chinese Zen garden on your side-yard.

Lastly, any kind of remodeling project or addition you make to your home in order to add value to the asking price should not exceed the value of other homes in your neighborhood by 20%. If it is a lot more expensive than other homes for sale in your Colorado Springs neighborhood, people will usually opt to look at the cheaper options.

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