Things to Consider When Replacing Doors in Rochester

The entire look of your home can be changed by replacing the exterior doors. New doors in Rochester will improve the energy efficiency of a home as well as add to enhanced security. To select the right door for installation requires a little planning and forethought.

Selecting the incorrect door can have just the opposite effect; it can reduce the homes curb appeal, make it easier to gain unwanted access and add to heat loss. These are three primary things to consider when deciding on new doors in Rochester.

Design should be the number one priority. Doors in Rochester are no longer just a big flat slab of wood with a handle; there are literally hundreds of possible designs. Modern door designs include arched, wide, high, double and so on. Many doors come complete with the jamb so fitting a new exterior door does not have to take into account any existing jamb. The opening can easily be re-engineered, made wider or tall with little extra effort. Don’t let your current door have any effect on your selection; your choice is no longer limited. By working with an experienced contractor you can be assured of an excellent installation no matter what the finished design is.

Double wide doors can be very attractive on the front of a home, as can a single width doors in Rochester with sidelights which add a light source to foyers which are often dark. Adding a transom to the top of the frame gives the appearance of a tall, stately door without actually having any effect to the actual door. In lieu of a transom, an arched top, with or without glass adds to the appearance of your home.

The material that you want the door made of is the next consideration. There are basically three materials to chose from; wood, steel or composite. A solid wood door is still the choice of most people as they can be made in a wide variety of pleasing designs, each and everyone different due to the wood grain differences. Solid wooden doors are heavy and they have excellent thermal properties. Wood doors can be quite expensive depending on your choice of wood and the intricacy of the design.

Steel exterior doors in Rochester are also frequently used, as are fiberglass doors. Many of the designs are complete with inset windows pre -installed. Steel or fiberglass doors can be painted any color the owner wishes and they are reasonably priced. The drawback with doors made of these materials is the limited designs available, but they most certainly are secure and very durable.

Exterior doors in Rochester that are manufactured from various composites are finding their way to the market. They often resemble wood, mimicking the grain and color but they have the additional benefit of being virtually maintenance free that is light weight and reasonably priced.


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