Things you should know about chimney cleaning and maintenance

Chimney sweeps companies in Norfolk VA have experience and skills for riding chimney vents of soot and chemical substances that build up over the years of usage. Chimneys come in different designs and lengths depending on where they are erected. They are important structures put up over fireplaces at homes, in manufacturing and processing plants, on ships et cetera.

In medieval times, master sweeps were in charge of cleaning chimneys but they took on novices whom they mentored on the required skills. This expertise was handed down to generations in that form. Well, chimney sweeps have not been totally phased out but modernity has seen acquisition of modern tools and equipments, which makes the job much easier. Modern tools are time saving and cost effective.

Chemical substances lodged in chimney flue are hazardous and pose great health hazards to chimney sweeps. However, chimney sweeps companies in Norfolk VA have modern tools that protect against health hazards. The use of long brushes is complemented with robotic cameras and vacuum cleaners.

The chimneysweepers are well trained to adequately meet the challenges that come with the occupation. They are given practical skills on how to clean flammable creosote from the chimney vent that poses huge risks and has over the years been a cause of chimney fires and explosions. This fire causes wanton distraction of property and, in extreme cases, results to fatalities.

Chimney sweeps include intricate chimney cleaning services which border around flue lining, restoration of masonry chimney towers and crown repairs.  Frequent cleaning reduces chances of chimney fires. Chimney sweeps in Norfolk VA are certified professionals. Liquid creosote remover is used to clear soot and creosote from chimney vents. Eye protection tools and dust masks are part of the cleaning apparel in a chimney sweeps tool kit.

There is no conventional method of cleaning a chimney but Chimney sweepers prescribe a number of tips that have proven very helpful in the industry. Cleaning a chimney tower from top to bottom is the most preferred method. In case of cleaning a home chimney, the fireplace is sealed off to prevent soot spreading all over the house. Chimneys that have tight corners are effectively cleaned by using flexible rods. For shorter chimneys, two chimney sweeps are equal to the task. One cleans from the top and the other from the bottom and this exercise is done simultaneously. Powerful flashlights are used to inspect cleaned chimneys after the job is completed

Chimney sweepers are trained and certified by different bodies. The certification is an approval of skills and technical knowledge in the industry. Stringent tests have to be adhered to and a standardized code of conduct and ethics is required to all chimney sweeps who must be members of a professional body that is recognized.


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