This Summer Dont Let The Bonita Springs Heat Get To You Without Air Conditioning

Room air conditioners come in three basic models: window, wall-mount and portable styles — and all these have their own specific ability to either cool an entire room or an area of the house. If you are considering upgrading your air conditioning in Bonita Springs, here are a few things you need to know: first of all, all the models mentioned above are fully capable of doing the job, but it depends on your requirements.

The size of area you want to cool will define the kind of AC that will serve you best. Technology today has greatly improved the efficiency of each of these models. Unlike the models before, these models are much more quieter and are extremely easy to operate, and if they are well maintained they can serve your family’s cooling needs for 10 or even more years. In fact, most models now have digital settings and controls, which help you control room temperature more effectively and save energy as well. So if you are a resident of Bonita Springs and unsure about which air conditioning unit to pick, here are a few basic tips:

Choose by Capacity

An air conditioner’s capacity for cooling is measured in Btu, and this is what determines an air conditioner’s suitability for a home or business. For a 100 square foot room, an air conditioner with 5,000 Btu capacity will be ideal, while for a 1000 square feet room you’ll need a 14,000-Btu model.

Energy Efficiency

Investing in home appliances like an air conditioner is like investing in a car. Yes they are expensive to begin with, but in the long term it will be the day-to-day expenses that add up. Considering the summers of Bonita Springs, if you think you’ll be using the air conditioner a lot, then chose a model that offers a high Energy Efficiency Rating (EER). This means that the unit will not consume as much energy as a non-energy efficient AC.

The Nitty Gritty

When buying an air conditioner in Bonita Springs, also make sure you take into account the outdoor conditions. The area you are installing the unit in must be away from direct sunlight. Also consider the humidity in the air and the number of people who will be present in the room the unit is supposed to cool.

Also make sure you get the air conditioning unit that matches the dynamics of your house. Consider installation issues. Wall units require cutting a hole in your wall. Units which can easily slide through glass windows are also an option, along with portable units which can be set up anywhere.

The experts at Dalo Plumbing and Air Conditioning can provide you with a turn key air conditioning solution for your home in Bonita Springs. Call today to learn more.

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