Three Rationales for Bringing on a Chart Abstraction Professional

Maneuvering through the contemporary landscape for medical record abstraction is troublesome. The differences in format between different electronic health record systems are vast. Software is not an easily reliable method to transition from paper to electronic or even between electronic systems. A professional partnership is often the best option for tackling this challenge. Here are three rationales for doing so.


Although you might be tempted to leverage already existing resources in your own organization to handle the abstraction items necessary, this might not be the best use of those resources. The differences in electronic health records is nontrivial. The professional medical record abstraction companies have experience with multiple systems, and they will leverage this experience to fulfill your requirements.

Better Resource Management

A professional partner should have the resources you need to handle your organization’s workload. The solution you need might be a human workforce alone or it could require a combination of human and software elements. A professional partner will be able to tailor the solution they offer to fit your needs. Likewise, as your workload’s size ebbs and flows, your chosen chart abstraction company should be able to satisfy the needs by adding or removing personnel as required.

Demonstrable Quality

Before sealing the partnership, you should perform your due diligence and investigate the potential partner’s reputation. It is relatively easy to find out whether or not they have a demonstrable record of quality deliveries or poor workmanship. The methods can involve internet searches, testimonials or word-of-mouth from any fellow professionals you might have networked with in the past. A quality partner will relieve your burden, but a poor partner will only add to it.

Finding the best chart abstraction company for your needs might seem overwhelming. However, if you keep your own requirements firmly in mind, you will make an informed decision.

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