Three Things to Look for in a Commercial Roofer

Stanley Harzwick was looking for a commercial roofer. Gastonia, NC has several contractors and roofing companies to choose from, so the choice is not always as easy as it might seem. After a couple weeks of talking to various contractors, Stanley felt somewhat frustrated. “I know it’s important to choose a roofer you can trust,” he said. “But I didn’t know what kind of criteria to use in establishing trustworthiness. I was like a schoolboy charmed by any girl who’d give me the time of day.”

In answer to Stanley’s confusion, there are essentially three characteristics to take into account when seeking the services of a commercial roofer in Gastonia, NC.

1. Don’t pay for quotes. A genuine, professional commercial roofer in Gastonia, NC will provide a free estimate and initial quote without charging you. Some shady contractors and businesses may attempt to charge you, especially as a business owner rather than a homeowner, a fee for doing an initial inspection and estimate. This should be a sign to you to look somewhere else because this is a way they make money, rather than doing quality work.

2. Have them actually inspect the roof. Stanley came across at least two contractors who gave him estimates on the job without even visiting the premises. He expected them, of course, to inspect the roof and provide a plan and an estimate based on their findings. Instead, he got “ballpark figures” as estimates based solely upon verbal information he provided. This is not a good business practice. In order to provide you with an accurate quote, a commercial roofer in Gastonia, NC will need to spend some time actually looking at your roof, taking measurements, assessing for damage, checking vents, fireplaces, skylights, gutters and all other components that intersect with the roof in order to provide not only an accurate quote, but to provide a well-developed and detailed plan and proposal, as well.

3. A well done proposal is crucial. Once a quote is generated, the commercial roofer in Gastonia, NC that you choose should write an excellent, detailed proposal that consists of all the notes and results of the initial inspection of your roof, along with a plan specifying how to resolve any issues in regard to your roof, what materials to use, and how much it is going to cost.

Stanley discovered that these three factors can go a long way in distinguishing trustworthy professionals from amateurs and con artists.

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