Tips for Budget Bathroom Remodeling St. Paul Projects

When you are doing a remodeling project in your home, it’s always best to have a budget in mind. Everybody wants to save money where they can, and bathroom remodeling St. Paul projects don’t have to cost a fortune if you get the right contractor. Here are some ways you can keep your bathroom remodeling project on track without

spending too much money.
Think about the Ceiling
Many people never think about the ceiling when they are doing a bathroom remodeling St. Paul project. But the bathroom ceiling can add a touch of flair to your remodel. And since bathrooms are generally the smallest rooms in the home, it can be very inexpensive to make it very ornate while fitting in with the rest of the décor of the bathroom. In some cases, you may even be able to remodel the ceiling for $100 or less and make it look like you spent several hundred.

Curved Shower Rods
Have you ever noticed that when you go to a hotel, the space inside the bathtub seems huge when you’re taking a shower? The fact is that most bathtubs in hotels are about the same size of the ones that we have in our homes. The difference is the showering rod. Hotels use a curved showering rod which gives the illusion of having more space in the tub. You can pick one of these up very inexpensively and add a whole new dimension to the look and feel of your bathroom.

Fresh Coat of Paint
Few bathroom remodeling St. Paul projects are as simple and inexpensive as adding a fresh coat of paint. If you are trying to give your bathroom a completely new look, give it coat of paint. Be sure to choose neutral colors because that will make your bathroom seem larger. Also, be sure to add a matching shower curtain to complete the look and tie everything together.

Switch Out the Vanity
If you’re like many homeowners, you’ve probably never switched out the vanity in your bathroom the entire time you’ve lived in your home. That’s why many bathroom vanities are outdated and they make the bathroom look outdated, too. When doing your bathroom remodeling St. Paul project, you should switch the vanity with a new and more modern one. This is an inexpensive fix that can actually go a long way in making your bathroom look like you’ve spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on it.

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