Tips for Buying a New York Night Guard for Your Teeth

Buying a New York night guard for protecting your teeth can provide many benefits. It can keep you from grinding your teeth at night which can cause headaches in the morning. It can keep your teeth from grinding down which can cause other dental problems as well. But how do you know if you are buying a night guard that is high quality and will solve your problem? Here are some tips to help you when you begin your search.

Type of Material
The type of material that your New York night guard is made from is one of the most important considerations to make. There are several types of materials to choose from, including acrylic, plastic and others. If you can afford to get an acrylic mouth guard, these are the most durable and the most helpful. In fact, this is the same material that is used when making dentures. It is inflexible which is what you need when protecting your teeth. However, if you are on a tight budget, a plastic mouth guard may have to do until you can afford to get a higher quality product.

Custom Fits
If you’re going to invest in a New York night guard for your mouth, you should spend the extra money and get one that is custom fitted to your mouth. Buying a night guard off the shelf is going to be very uncomfortable. But getting a mouth guard that is fitted to your specific mouth takes time. The dentist has to take a mold, send it out to a lab, get it back from the lab and then have you come in again to make sure it fits right. Until you can have a mouth guard custom fitted to your teeth, you can get one off the shelf at your local pharmacy or department store. Typically, they go by height so keep that in mind when looking for one that will fit you.

Bite Pad
The material used in the bite pad on your night guard is important. It should be a dense material that will protect your teeth when you are wearing the guard. The denser it is, the more stability the night guard will have and it will also last longer.

When choosing the best night guard, it’s always best to get one with a front band. This helps keep the front of the mouth guard down when you bite down in the back, which provides more protection for your teeth and makes the guard more comfortable.

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