Tips For Crime Scene Cleanup in Oregon

Death, as they say, can be messy. In reality, a crime scene isn’t the neat, structured place that many movies and TV shows portray it to be. Seeing blood all over your living room walls is shocking. Luckily, most people have only seen it in the movies. However, if your family has been the victim of a violent crime, it is the family’s responsibility to clean up the blood from the crime scene.

Hiring a form of crime scene cleanup in Oregon is the best way for a grieving family to turn the job over to someone else and get on with their grieving instead. It is good to have a basic understanding of how crime scene cleanup works, however. Here are a few tips to help you understand.

The Basics
When a violent crime happens, the family doesn’t always move out of the home. The job of the crime scene cleanup company in Oregon you hire is to clean the home for the family. Blood is considered a blood borne pathogen, so it is important that every bit of it be removed from the home. The workers coming to do the cleanup will be highly professional and trained. They will also be dressed in clothing to protect themselves from the blood, so explain to any children that might be in the home what is happening ahead of time.

The Hazards
Of course, you know that blood is a hazard if not cleaned up properly, but there are many other hazards that people don’t seem to realize. Blood and guts that are not cleaned up properly can get caught in carpets, on walls, and even in the baseboards of the home, causing someone in the home to get sick years down the line.

Cleaning up after a violent death can take anywhere from one to 40 hours or more. It’s according to how bad the death was and how widespread the carnage.

These are just a few basics about crime scene cleanup that you need to know if it ever happens to you. You can visit this website of Bio Management Northwest for more information. They provide crime scene cleanup in Oregon & Washington.

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