Tips on Basement Repair

Having a leaky basement is one of the most common complaints among home owners. If your home is over 10-15 years old, you can experience moisture and damp related problems in the space. Common signs are a musty odor, minor water leaks, efflorescence or white powder deposits. By avoiding the issue and letting the problem fester, you’ll only end up burning a hole in your pocket! Hire professionals in basement repair to fix that leak and waterproof your cellar.

Repair methods for waterproofing can include using a French drain and sump pump for interior water drainage. The perimeter trench drain, typically a French drain, collects water before it enters the home through cracks in the foundation. Other areas that can allow water to percolate into the basement area include holes in the brick or deterioration in the masonry. The water is led away to a sump pump that directs the water away from the house. Exteriors are waterproofed using polymer applications. Cracks and gaps can be filled using epoxy or urethane fillers. Crack injection is suitable for hairline cracks and gaps of up to half an inch in poured concrete walls.

Amateurs and homeowners with no prior experience often use caulk to fix cracks in concrete. This only provides a superficial solution to your problem. Epoxy fillers are strong and provide a lasting bond with concrete. Urethane crack injections are also in use for fixing wall cracks and other penetrations. Holes are drilled on alternate sides of the crack. Injection ports are then inserted into the drilled holes. High quality hydrophobic urethane is then injected into the ports. The urethane foam with low viscosity penetrates even the tightest cracks and stops leaks. Pipe penetration and cracks caused by shrinkage can be repaired using this technology. Basement repair and waterproofing is not essentially a major project. Urethane crack injection method can be done in a day.

Costs for basement repair can vary. The costs would depend on the degree of water seepage, damage to walls and on the methods you utilize to solve the problem. Most contractors offer free inspections and estimates. Take several quotes before you decide on which contractor you hire. If you ignore the problem, mold, mildew and related problems can arise. Major structural damage can also occur. Contractors usually offer 10 years to a lifetimes warranties on their services. Ask your contractor for free estimates and warranties on service for basement repair. Maryland home owners can find fully warranted and insured contractors providing services in the area.




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