Tips on Buying Used Wheels

Some people claim that buying Used Wheels is not recommended due to safety considerations. But with a little bit of foresight, buying them used can be a great way to save money.

Here are a few tips on purchasing Used Wheels.

1. Measure the actual size of the wheel. You need to know more than just the diameter and the width. You may find wheels that you think would be excellent but are slightly bigger than what you currently have installed. The difference in size does not necessarily exclude it from being installed but you need to make sure the car can accommodate the increase in size without damaging other parts of the car.

2. Verify the bolt pattern. This refers to the quantity of holes for the lug nuts and the spacing in between them. These can vary from car to car, but some manufacturers use the same pattern across all of their line of vehicles.

3. The centerbore will have to be measured. The centerbore is a machined hole in the middle of the wheel that allows the wheel to properly sit upon the hub of the vehicle. This ensures the wheel is centered when the lug nuts are tightened.

4. Check with an online service to get the exact OEM specs of the wheels that your vehicle needs. There are many databases that can provide this information. Some may be free, while others may require a small subscription feeCheck with a reputable business that deals in used wheels and tires such as

An experienced store will have the knowledge of exactly what you need for your vehicle. Most stores will be able to get the wheel you need even if they do not have it in stock. The best part about buying from an experienced business is that each wheel will be inspected for the integrity of the structure before it is ever sold to you. You can drive off the lot feeling peace of mind and satisfied that not only did you save money while giving you automobile what it needs, but that the safety of the vehicle is not in question.


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