Tooth Pain May Require Emergency Dental Care in Williams Township

Emergency dental care came about as a need grew for patients to be able to receive prompt dental care without the need for waiting on an appointment. Though every dental issue does not require an emergency appointment, tooth pain is one that may need immediate care. Since tooth pain can sometimes become intense or be caused by serious oral health concerns, it is important people seek Emergency Dental Care in Williams Township so the cause of their pain can be found and properly treated.

Common causes of tooth pain include:

   *   Cavities are the number one cause of tooth pain. As a cavity first erupts, it rarely causes any major pain. When the decay begins to affect the inner areas of the tooth, it can cause nerve irritation. This can cause moderate to severe pain and can lead to difficulty chewing and even consuming beverages. If cavities go untreated, they can lead to the spread of the decay. Eventually, this can also cause other issues. Prompt treatment through the Emergency Dental Care in Williams Township can bring welcome pain relief.


   *   Tooth pain is often caused by an abscess. An abscess is a tooth infection. As the infection begins to build in the tooth, pus drainage will begin to occur. Infections of the tooth can cause serious pain that can be difficult to deal with. To stop the pain and tooth damage progression, the dentist will need to first drain the pus and then begin to treat the infection with antibiotics. In some cases, the dentist will need to perform a root canal to completely remove the infection and relieve the pain.


   *   Sometimes, people will also suffer from a tooth injury that causes them pain. Though most tooth injuries are easy to spot right away, the back teeth may become damaged without a person being aware. Chips, cracks and breaks can cause unrelenting pain. To stop the pain, the dentist may remove the damaged areas and fill the tooth.

If you are experiencing tooth pain that cannot be relieved, you may need emergency dental care. Visit to learn about the many dental treatments that are available. Prompt dental care will keep your smile healthy and looking its best.

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