Top 3 Hanukah Party Games That Children Play For Chocolate Gelt

According to a study by Kenneth R Ginsburg, MD, MSEd, of the Committee on Psychosocial Aspects of Child and Family Health, playing interactive games supports children’s emotional development. Moreover, Hanukah is a celebration that children look forward to in order to receive chocolate gelt. Therefore, parents or adults can make sure that they engage in interactive and festive activities by the means of Hanukkah games which will also give them a chance to win gourmet treats. However, make sure that games are safe, educative and teach young children about the greatness of the festival.

Hanukah Game Ideas for Children to Win Chocolate Gelts

Here are some of the traditional Hanukkah games that you can play with children in order to give them a chance to win chocolate gelt:

1. Pin the Shamash or the Shield

This is a fun as well as educational activity for children. To play the game, you need to craft out the figures of Maccabee, Shamash, a Chanukiah and a shield from colorful paper. Ask the children to participate in the crafting activity. This is a great way to let the children express their creativity. Once you have the crafted figures, hang the figures of Maccabee and Shamash on the wall. Blindfold the players and ask them to try and stick shield on the figure of Maccabee and stick the Chanukiah on the figure of Shamash. Those who are able to complete the task successfully within a given time, win the game. You may reward the winners with chocolate gelt to help them cherish their victory.

2. Treasure Hunt

This is a traditional game that every child looks forward to playing. Adults plan this fun game in advance. To play this game, you can buy gold foiled chocolate gelt and make small gift pouches. Make sure that you do not make it very difficult for the children to find the treasure. Do not cluster all the pouches at one location. Also, let the children know how many pouches are hidden in total so that they can keep track. The one who gets the maximum number of pouches wins.

3. Word Game

These games are best played in groups. The host can make a list of jumbled words related to the festival of Hanukah and pen them down on a common white board. Guests are handed over a pen and cards. With which to rearrange the words in a limited time period. Those who get the maximum number of words right in least amount of time win a bag of goodies. While teenagers can easily participate in this game, small children may find it difficult to rearrange the words.

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