Training and Recovery Supplies Found in Triathlon Shops In Chicago IL

Triathlon participants understand how difficult a competition can be. It is not only a race on foot but also by bike and through water. In order to compete well, there are a number of items one will need. Triathlon Shops In Chicago IL possess all necessary items to help people train for a triathlon, as well as recover afterward.

Roll Recovery

Running and biking are hard on the legs, especially done in a racing capacity. In order to massage all areas easily and eliminate some of the pain that is felt after a triathlon is completed, a rolling recovery can be used. This item uses massage rollers to work on each part of the leg, including the calves, hamstrings, quads, hip-flexors, and even glutes. It is adjustable so it can fit any size leg.

Energy Drops

During a training routine, it is important that participants are fully hydrated and have the energy they need to succeed. With the help of energy drops, each person in need of a boost can get what they need. These drops offer a blend of carbohydrates and electrolytes necessary to stay alert and active during a triathlon.

Triathlon Bike

Racers should not show up with just any bike. A specifically designed bike for triathlons is necessary for this type of race. These bikes offer wider wheels, an improved brake system, and a smoother ride.

Wet Suit

Triathlons are held on a variety of dates, some being during colder times than others. When it comes time to hit the water, a wet suit is needed so the cold will not impact the swimmer as much as it normally would. This will also help with recovery afterward since there will be fewer issues with becoming too cold during the swimming portion and finding it more difficult to complete the rest of the race.

Triathlon Shops In Chicago IL offer a wide variety of items to meet each racer’s needs. An assortment of supplies and equipment are needed for a triathlon race, especially for training and recovery purposes. Those looking to participate in a triathlon need to be sure they have all the right gear to succeed. Urban Tri Gear LLC has all the gear one could need, plus more. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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