Training Options for Electricians

Electricians in the United States are required to have a license in order to practice the trade. Those licenses are regulated by the state and not on the federal level so each state has its own rules that need to be followed. Electricians need to get the right amount of related work experience in the field in order to be eligible to do the jobs required. They also have to comply with the other licensing requirements within the state they want to practice the trade.

In order to train to be electricians, men and women have to complete a 3-5 year apprenticeship program. The programs require that the candidates be at least 18 years of age and have a high school degree or a similar equivalent. They must also pass a skills test to prove that they might be good at being electricians.

Apprenticeships for electricians do more than just teach the candidates how to do the job, they also teach safety practices. There are some vocational courses offered in trade schools as well as high schools, but the apprenticeship is where most of the learning occurs. Good training for electricians to have in their background include things like electronics, science, math, mechanical drawing and other such items. Candidates should also have good physical health, the right amount of strength, and plenty of dexterity. Since electronic controls are rather complicated today, a strong background in electronics is especially helpful.

Apprenticeship programs for electricians help to equip the candidates with the in depth knowledge they need to succeed within the trade. These programs will help them find jobs in the future and learn the trade in the present. The programs usually involve nearly 150 classroom sessions that include 2000 hours of practice and training every year. The classroom lessons revolve around math, electronics, blueprints, safety practices, and electrical theory. The electricians can also specialize with training in fire alarms, communications, elevators, cranes, welding and other areas. It is a good idea for electricians to get a general background along with a specialized form of training.

The on the job training for candidates are always supervised by experienced electricians so that the candidates can be taught as they go. They will do things like drill holes, set up conduits, measure, install, connect test wires, check on outlets and switches and draw diagrams.

Those who finish their apprenticeships can train more to get to another level of electrician’s licenses. This master level involves learning that goes deeper into electrical systems and can even help with video and voice systems. Those who achieve master levels of the field generally get paid much more and have a higher capacity for earning good jobs in many different states.

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