Treating Haemorrhoids by Undergoing Haemorrhoid Surgery

Haemorrhoids become a problem when they grow in piles, swell or inflame. They are vascular forms that are around the anal canal. They help in easing the passing of stool. They are several things that might cause haemorrhoids and one of them is obesity. The other causes include pressure on the abdomen as a result of pregnancy, constipation and lack of a proper diet. This is a common problem and when noticed should be taken care of immediately to avoid haemorrhoid surgery.

This surgery is a last resolve for patients who suffer from these haemorrhoids. Home treatment is usually the first option that you should consider. This is a preventable disease and caution should be taken to avoid it. There are two types of haemorrhoids that you might suffer from; internal and external. In the former, the haemorrhoids occur above the dentite line and in the later below it. Some of the symptoms of these two types of haemorrhoids are:

* External haemorrhoids – these are painful, might cause a swelling and are sometimes itchy. They are also extremely easy to catch thrombosis. The inflammation might to lead to haemorrhoids releasing a watery discharge. The internal haemorrhoids are severe when the clot develops. It is at this stage that you need to seek surgery.

* Internal haemorrhoids – these occur in an area that has no pain receptors, therefore they are not painful unless irritated. They also bleed when irritated. It is extremely easy to suffer from them and not be aware of their existence. One of the noticeable symptoms of this condition is bright red blood in the stool. They are severe when they cut off blood supply and at this point surgery is the only resolve.

Haemorrhoid surgery can either be significant or minor depending on the severity of the haemorrhoids. The main surgery is more invasive and involves the absolute removal of the haemorrhoids. There is a lot of post operative pain that you might feel, and the healing period is approximately two weeks. The minor surgery involves the removal of much of the haemorrhoid tissue that is abnormal and then the tissue is repositioned. This process is less painful, and the healing period is shorter than the major surgery.

They affect both sexes and the symptoms are the same. Early discovery is better because then you can use many of the home treatments that are extremely successful. It is essential to inform the doctor immediately you notice the clot or blood in the stool. Haemorrhoid surgery is an easy surgery but should not be taken for granted. Like any other surgery, it might lead to complications and only professionals should perform one on an individual.

Haemorrhoid Surgery – Treatment of haemorrhoids can be easy and might not even require surgery. In case they do, then it is vital to get the right information. You can get this information from website.

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