Trends for Fabric Cards and Textiles in the 21st Century

With the introduction of new technologies and innovation in interior decorating and design, the textile industry has enjoyed a massive upswing over recent years. A few notable trends have been emerging over the past few years, and a recent survey conducted by the Association for Contract Textiles (ACT) has confirmed our suspicions of what’s chic and stylish today, and where textiles and designs may be headed into the future.

Textile Trends

Expect to see online resources and fabric cards boasting sustainable products and even more featuring performance fabrics. According to the survey:

  • 78% of designers believe performance fabrics are a trend
  • 74% see sustainable products as a trend
  • 61% of designs think natural fibers will be a trend
  • 37% felt that synthetic fibers and acoustic fabric were on trend

Patterns and Colors

If the colors and patterned fabric cards that fabric card manufacturing companies are churning out are any evidence, then the 21st century is going to be loud and teeming with personality. About 42% of designers believe that bold “statement” patterns are going to continue to be a huge hit, with bright colors being almost equally as important at 39%. Despite the obvious draw to using textiles and designs that speak to one’s personality, only 27% of polled designers believed they would be asked to use customized textiles in the near future.

Top Resources for Textiles

Despite a huge increase in digital information now available in the textile industry, the old-fashioned fabric cards, sample books and hangers are still dominating the scene. An astounding 86% of the designers surveyed said that they still use sample book, product samples and in-house libraries for research. About 71% of designers used general internet searches in the initial research stage. But when it came to choosing the vendor and asking for final specifications, the web appears to be of little use. To ensure a quality product, designers clearly want to give the textile of their choosing hands-on approval.

Quick Turn-Around Time

Price, expertise and hassle-free delivery are all important to designers when it comes to choosing a textile company like the Lennertson Sample Company. But the one recurring theme of the survey results is speed.

  • 83% of designers say quickly providing samples is key in a vendor winning them over
  • 82% state that quickly responding to issues is key
  • 76% see a timely delivery of the product important in selecting a vendor to do business with

Designers have to act quickly and based on their clients’ demands, making efficiency paramount in their line of business. While a designer may consider an average of five brands prior to settling on their preferred vendor, the vendor who is able to get the product a designer sees off the internet and into their hands the fastest is most likely to win them over.

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