Types Of Adult Mental Health Services Available In Minneapolis

Many adults who have a need for mental health services in Minneapolis may be embarrassed and neglect it. However, if you or someone you know requires these types of services, don’t wait. Continue reading to learn more about the options that are available to you.

Basic Living

Basic living or social skills help adults deal with every day life and the interactions that come along with it. These skills include dealing with crises, using resources properly, speaking with others and budgeting money. You’ll also learn about employment skills, have medications monitored, learn how to cook and clean, receive transportation to doctor’s appointments and other important things and how to manage your household.

Peer Specialists

Peer specialists will also be available to help you learn the skills you’ll need, find ways to be involved in the community, such as working, volunteering, physical activities and hobbies.

Community Interventions

Because living within the confines of your community is important, interventions are available to help you learn why you have trouble with integration within the community and how to better yourself within the community and individually. You’ll also learn how to live properly to reduce risks of hospitalization or a more strict living area.

This type of service will be provided over the telephone or in person as an individual treatment option.

Medical Education

Many adults with mental health issues in Minneapolis will need to learn about properly medicating themselves. While you will likely receive prescription medication, it will be important to understand why it is needed and when you should take it. In order to be as thorough as possible, you’ll learn about the different side effects of certain medicines, as well so that you can be as safe as possible while taking the proper medicine to get well.


Adults that have been hospitalized for their illness will likely need to learn how to transition to a community living area. These services will help you move from a strict living area to a community living-assisted area, though you’ll need to learn and be able to follow the rules and regulations. For more information visit the site optionsfamily.com

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