Types Of Air Conditioning In Scarsdale Units

Depending on the application an air conditioning Scarsdale technician will recommend one of a number of different types of air conditioning solutions. For residential purposes the window type and split type are the most common. The determination of which is the best solution is based primarily on the size of the area to be cooled and the amount of heat generated in that particular area. A kitchen and a bedroom may have similar sizes but the air conditioning demands are very different due to the heat generated in the kitchen.

A window air conditioner is the most common type used for a single room which is not too large. The unit is completely self-contained; the condenser, the compressor, evaporator, cooling coil and motor are contained in a single box and the unit is designed to slip into a cavity in the external wall or to be mounted in the window itself with the unit’s weight taken by the sill.

Split air conditioning in Scarsdale consists of two units, one unit is installed outside of the house and the other unit is installed inside the home. The unit that is mounted outside houses the compressor, condenser and valves. The indoor unit houses the cooling coil and the cooling fan. The split unit has advantages over a window unit; it is more pleasing to the eye, it does not require a hole in the wall for mounting and it is considerably quieter as the motor and compressor are outside. The split unit is quite capable of cooling two rooms comfortably.

Packaged air conditioning in Scarsdale is often recommended if the cooling job is more than two rooms or the space is large. The package is designed in two forms; the first is where the compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator are mounted in a common box. The cooled air is moved through ducts by a high powered blower. The second method is to have the compressor and condenser in one casing and pass the compressed gas through individual lines to the outlets which house the expansion valve and cooling coil. Both method works fine and it will be the structural design of the building that demands one type or another.

Central air conditioning Scarsdale is used primarily for large buildings, complete homes, sports facilities, theatres etc. The central air conditioning system consists of a huge compressor sites outdoors. Often, in the case of large structures it will be on the roof, for homes it most often sits at ground level on a slab. The compressor is sized accordingly but can produce hundreds of tons of air conditioned air.

Other than a window unit, it is highly recommended that air conditioning in Scarsdale be installed by professionals who have all the skills and tools to do the job perfectly. The investment can be quite large and the installation quite complicated.






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