Types of Attorneys in Lawrence, KS

As the world goes increasingly more complex and people grow more litigious, the need for Attorneys Lawrence, KS is increasing. Unfortunately, this can mean increased time and expense to do many things, but not hiring a lawyer could lead to even bigger hassles. Here are a few of the less common types of attorneys in Lawrence, KS.

Tax Attorneys

Tax attorneys are often ignored because it’s the accountants who do almost all tax work, from advising on tax savings and legal issues to the filing of taxes. Tax attorneys generally only come in when there is a problem with a tax filing. This could be due to mistakes discovered in an audit or because of outright fraud. No matter what the reason, a lawyer is needed because the potential fines and criminal penalties in these situations can be severe.

Business Attorneys

The days of just starting a business by getting a product and selling it are gone. Each year, it seems that the national news carries the story of at least one young child’s lemonade stand getting shut down by the government for not having the proper permits. There is no escaping these regulations for adults either and business attorneys help ensure the potentially numerous government agencies requiring some sort of paperwork are all satisfied. They also do things like set up partnership agreements and form corporations or LLCs to help ensure that business owners are protected from personal liability and are protected in case of disputes among themselves.

Patent Lawyers

A patent lawyer can be an inventor’s best friend. Just like with starting a business, getting a patent isn’t as simple as having a unique idea. There are numerous forms to fill out and strict technical requirements and regulations that must be met. The penalty for error could be up to the patent not being issued, making the invention open to anyone’s use for free.

Debt Collection Lawyers

Debt collection attorneys in Lawrence, KS are specialists that help consumers when they are sued by their creditors or have been referred to collections. They can help negotiate payment plans and also ensure that the consumer’s rights aren’t violated by the debt collectors.

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