Types of Sewer Cleaner Equipment

When it comes to finding a sewer cleaner Farmington MI, residents can choose from the various plumbing companies in the area. The sewer is an important outlet of waste water for buildings. When the system is working efficiently, all the waste water is removed from the drainage system. Most drainage systems usually have a sewer treatment tank where water is treated before being released into the rest of the sewer pipes as less toxic wastes.

Therefore, the sewer cleaner is used to clean out the sewer system in order to maintain proper working condition. Regular maintenances of the sewer pipes will prevent problems like blockages that cause dirty water to back up in the drainages. However, there are many items that can cause blockages and residues that lead to the need of a sewer cleaner.

When choosing, a sewer cleaner Farmington MI has the following solutions to offer;

* Hand held drain cleaners are some of the simplest machines used in drain cleaning. These are usually able to clean up to twenty-five feet of the sewer pipe from the drain opening. This drain cleaner works by sending a cable into a pipe through a rotor. When using this drain cleaner, eye protection and gloves are necessary.

* Another sewer cleaner machine is the electric drain cleaner. This machine is similar to the hand held drain cleaner; however, it is able to cover a much greater length of the sewer pipes. Cables of up to forty meters are used in the sewer pipes to clear out any blockage items such as splints and solid pieces among other things. The machine is operated by an electric rotor.

* A sewer jetter is a type of sewer cleaner that utilizes the power of water pressure to clean the sewer pipes. The water released in high pressure from the nozzle of the pressure line cleans out the walls of the sewer pipe clearing all residues. These pressure lines can be used to clean very long lengths of sewer pipes.

* Air bust sewer cleaners are similar to the sewer jetter only that instead of water released at a high pressure, gases such as carbon dioxide are jetted into the pipes. The gas helps to dislodge water and residues from the pipes.

* Other than sewer cleaning machines, a sewer cleaner can also be a chemical or enzymatic solution. Chemical drain cleaner come in either solid or liquid form and are easily poured into the sewer pipes. Most of these chemicals are very corrosive and work in cleaning the drainages in this manner. Enzymatic drain cleaners are the best solutions to cleaning organic matter from the sewer pipes. They contain concentrated enzymes and bacteria cultures that digest the organic matter clogging up the sewer pipes.


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