Understanding and diagnosing transmission slips

If you have been experiencing transmission slips with your vehicle, you may be wondering what is causing it. Visiting a local repair shop is the best choice if your vehicle is having performance issues. Your local auto body mechanic is familiar with transmissions Warwick, RI repairs and can best diagnose the issues that your car is experiencing.

Transmission slips are symptoms that something is wrong in your car and the mechanisms are not functioning properly. You may notice that your car pauses during gear switches or that you have difficulty accessing certain gears in your vehicle. These are definite symptoms that you may be in need of a complete diagnosis and possible transmission repair or replacement. There are three main reasons why transmissions may slip which can help in diagnosing the underlying issues.

The main reasons for transmissions slips are low fluid levels, worn clutches or torque converter malfunctions. If you are experiencing lags or pauses after starting your vehicle, any of these three causes may be to blame. It may be possible to still operate your vehicle that is experiencing transmission failure but this is not recommended. Depending on the level of disrepair, the vehicle may move after a minimal amount of slippage or the RPMs may increase before the vehicle starts to move. If you notice any of these signs, take your car to have a local transmissions Warwick expert perform a diagnosis immediately.

To prevent transmission failure due to low fluid levels, it is recommended that you change your fluid roughly every 30,000 to 35,000 miles. If you are experiencing transmission problems and you notice low fluid levels, you should provide your car with adequate fluid immediately to prevent extensive damage to the interior mechanisms. Your car’s clutches and gears depend on adequate lubrication to remain in good working order. If you don’t know how to refill your car’s fluid, an auto body and transmissions Warwick mechanic can perform this service request easily and for minimal cost.

Your torque converter may also be to blame, which means the fins on your converter may have become worn and flat causing the transmission to slip. A simple replacement of the torque converter can help to fix this problem.  If the car is repeatedly placed under high pressure such as during races, the vehicle’s torque converter and gears can become strained. Consider purchasing a car specially for racing to avoid excessive wear and tear on your vehicle.

Having an understanding of the symptoms and causes of transmission failure can help in diagnosing the underlying problems. Ultimately, taking the car to an experienced technician is the best way to uncover transmission failures and repair and replace the faulty parts before the damage becomes extensive.

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