Upgrading To A King Mattress In Jackson, MS

While a queen sized mattress is still the most popular size of mattress sold today, more and more couples and even those sleeping as singles are moving up to a king mattress in Jackson, MS. This is because these mattresses just offer that extra width that allows you to stretch out in true comfort and luxury no matter what your sleeping style may be.

Before you move up or upgrade to a king mattress in Jackson, MS there are a few simple things to consider. Generally king mattress will fit nicely into any room that queen mattress fits, but you may need to look at slightly changing the arrangement to suit the additional almost foot and a half of mattress width.

Room Size and Shape

Having a king mattress in Jackson, MS does take up a bit more room in a bedroom, but with selection of other furniture those extra inches can be accommodated for easily.

In smaller rooms you may want to choose smaller bedside tables on either side or choose a headboard with a built in light to eliminate the need for bedside lamps and tables. You can also opt for a smaller headboard and footboard to minimize that additional size. 

Bedding and Accessories

When you upgrade from your current mattress to a king mattress in Jackson, MS you will want to also remember to get king sized linen and even add some extra pillows.

A top mattress store can show you ergonomic pillows, decorative pillows or pillows designed for specific types of sleepers. Combining these with a new mattress is sure to allow you to get a wonderful, restful night’s sleep.

Enjoying Your Space

Remember too if you like the idea of a king mattress in Jackson, MS but don’t want as much additional width, or if you would like a longer mattress and more leg room you may want to consider a California king.

Not all brands and all models come in this additional size option. However if you have a smaller bedroom but want more bed than offered by a queen sized mattress the California king mattress in Jackson, MS may be just the right option. Check with your mattress store and ask to see the models of this size of mattress they have on hand.

For more information on king mattress in Jackson, MS come in and see our selection. You can also view the inventory online at Mattress Direct.

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