Use the Number One Wildlife Removal in Dallas TX

For those living in the Dallas TX area rarely do you think of wildlife in your neighborhoods and suburbs.  For the most part, one only thinks of dogs and cats in their neighborhood, however, going outside your home at night may shed a new light on the wildlife in your area.  Common night lurking wildlife include bats, mice, rats, armadillos, opossum, raccoon and snakes to name a few most common in this greater Dallas area.

In fact you may have one or more of these creatures living within your property and not be aware of it.  Did you know that the number one wildlife removal firm in the entire United States is Critter Control?  Well we are number one, and when it comes to wildlife removal in Dallas TX we serve more homes than any other pest control service in the greater Dallas area.  We think we know why this is, and it’s likely you’ll agree.

At Critter Control we use 100% eco friendly and animal friendly live traps to catch animals that have set up residence in your home uninvited.  We know that your family’s health is important to you, as is the health of your pets, so not using dangerous chemicals is how we make certain to keep your family safe.  In fact with the many common pests found in the greater Dallas areas most are infested with fleas and ticks.  In fact you may have a wildlife problem if you find that your animals are becoming affected by fleas.

The fact is that most wildlife will not only enjoy living in your yard, but most will try and nest inside your home.  When you consider that mice can compress their bodies and enter your home in any opening the size of a dime or larger, you can quickly determine there are many entry points on most typical homes.  Vents to roofs, and in soffits make a very easy entry point for most wildlife.  Without the use of wildlife removal in Dallas TX you could be hosting pests that not only destroy insulation and electrical wiring, but they can destroy electrical so poorly that you can quickly find you have a house fire do the damage they create. Dallas Critter Control works tirelessly to ensure that not only are the wildlife removed, but the access points they entered your home are addressed.

If you find you do have a pest or wildlife problem then call us at Critter Control at 214-453-8488 and our professionals will be out that day to address your wildlife removal in the Dallas TX area without delay.  Many dangerous parasites can be transmitted by having this nuisance wildlife eating and defecating on your property where your family and pets walk everyday.  Keep your family safe and sound by calling Dallas Critter Control today.

Dallas Critter Control is the top wildlife removal company in the country.  Our professionals will use animal friendly traps that are humane and eco friendly.

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