Using 12 Gram C02 Tanks in Your Soda Fountain

We have all seen the soda fountains at snack bars, restaurants, bars and convenience stores, and some of us have wished we could have the same kind of machine at home. Below, you will learn how much a home soda fountain costs, what equipment you need, and how much you can save versus buying bottles or cans.

Soda Ingredients You’ll Need

There are many different kinds of soda, but they’re all made with the same basic ingredients, such as:

Water: with a home soda fountain, you’ll get your water from the house supply. Tap water goes through a carbonator, which adds fizz before mixing with soda syrup.

CO2: Carbon dioxide tanks (12 Gram Co2 being the most common size) are attached to the carbonation system.

Sweet syrup: It gives soda its flavor, and can be bought in both well-known and uncommon flavors. Most soda syrup is sold in the BIB (bag in box) form.

Is a Home Soda Machine Worth the Price?

Cost is one of the biggest considerations when buying a home soda fountain. These systems can cost in the thousands of dollars, and each 5-gallon bag of syrup will make about 30 gallons of drink. With an initial investment, you can have fresh soda at about half the cost of cans or bottles. New systems can be pricey, but used systems are sometimes available. The figures above do not include water, upkeep, CO2, and other supplies.

Cheaper Options for Soda at Home

If you are on a budget, affording a full-size soda fountain is difficult. There are small countertop fountains available, which carbonate water for soda or seltzer. Upon carbonation, the water is flavored with any of a variety of commonly available mixes. Countertop models are not connected to your home’s water supply, but do require a 12 Gram Co2 supply.

Many people love the taste of a fountain soda, and choose to include a fountain in their bar, recreation room, home theater or game room. You can buy a restaurant-style system, but those can be difficult and expensive to maintain. Countertop models provide a similar taste at a much cheaper price.

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