Using Assertive Legal Services in Prattville to Deal with Debts Promptly

Debt has an uncanny way of sneaking up on you. You can accumulate debts rather quickly and without realizing how fast the interest on these accounts can grow.

When you are in jeopardy of being garnished or having your assets seized, you need to take decisive legal action to resolve your debts quickly. You can find out what action is best to take when you consult with bankruptcy lawyers in Prattville AL.

Filing for a Chapter 7

When you do not earn a lot of money but have mountains of debt that haunt you, you could have some or all of it wiped out with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers in Prattville AL. This form of bankruptcy is essentially a liquidation of most or all of your debts. You can include accounts like medical bills, credit card expenses, payday loans and other debts in it.

The court orders these debts to be forgiven and shown as discharged in your credit report. The bankruptcy stays on your credit report for 10 years. However, it can be an effective way to get garnishments and asset seizures stopped right away.

Non-qualifying Debts

Bankruptcy can effectively deal with most kinds of debts. However, it cannot wipe out all of them. Your bankruptcy lawyers in Prattville AL will advise you that it cannot remove student loans, back taxes, and defaulted child support. You will still need to pay these debts even after your bankruptcy is discharged.

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