Using Custom Chocolate Coins as Party Favors

Custom chocolate coins are a fun way to offer guests at an event some yummy favors. No matter the event such as wedding, birthday, holiday or baby shower these candy coins fit the occasion. You don’t need to spend hours searching a party favor that fits your theme because chocolate coins are universal. They fit all themes and holidays.

Chocolate Coins

These favors are thin pieces of chocolate shaped like a coin. They usually have some design, often a money amount, stamped into the chocolate. Each coin is wrapped in foil that also looks like a real piece of money. You can get them in small sizes where each guest gets several coins, or you can purchase one or two large coins that sit inside elegant boxes. They come in bags, treasure chests, plastic tubes or in folding boxes. You can get them in many colors to match the color scheme of your event.

Custom Chocolate Coins

Personalize your coin favors by having the company that makes them print a custom design on them. You can add names of the happy wedding couple, birthday boy, business, organization or family name for reunions. Some companies will even stamp the names on the chocolate and have the ability to print logos on the foil. Make the chocolate coins stand out even more by having the company print a photo on the foil. You can print a photo of the birthday girl or use any design that fits your party theme. Having a winter wedding? Print coins with snowflakes on them. Having a princess birthday party? Print coins with crowns on them.

Bulk Coins

You might be planning this party on a budget or there might be so many guests that you couldn’t possibly afford to make custom coins for everyone. Luckily, you can find bulk coins of many designs to fit your needs. You can get pink and blue coins for baby showers. How about gold or silver coins? You can even get pennies which are perfect for a child’s party. Some coins come pre-printed with holiday designs like pumpkins, shamrocks and Santa. Chocolate coins are a staple for Hanukkah and you can get coins printed with Hanukkah designs for an added touch.

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