Vital Considerations You Need to consider when installing a new roof

by | Sep 20, 2012 | home-garden

A home is most certainly one of the greatest investments you are ever going to make in your entire life; that’s why you should give it much thought before settling on the design of the house and the roofing system.

Roofing usually transforms organized rubble into a house.  Other than just protecting what is inside it from cold and rain, it gives it the ‘homey feeling’, the feeling of safety and protection. A number of factors have to be taken in to consideration when choosing the kind of roof and Roofer Appleton for your house

The type and style of roof

The type of roof you decide on should be affordable, requires little or no maintenance and easy to install. It should also complement with the type and design of the house. The different styles of roofing include mansard, gambrel, pyramid, arched roof and flat roof. The bonnet style of roofing usually does well to cover a porch.

The colour scheme

When choosing a style of roofing, one has to consider the colour scheme of their home. Roofing materials are available in many different colours ranging from the more subtle natural shades of brown and dark tan, to the more bold ones such as red, blue and green. Choose one that suits your preference and blends in with your colour scheme.


There are shingles available in the roofing market made from a number of materials; asphalt shingles, those made from concrete, composition shingles among others, and wood roofing. Pick a material for your roof depending on the strength of the structure, insulation and reflection properties and heat retaining.


For any house owner, a roof that could last forever is a welcome idea. You have a wide range of roofs to choose from such as concrete tiles, clay tiles, steel roofs and eco roofing. Some such as slate roofs are very durable and have excellent insulation properties, ensuring a nice-looking roof that is going to withstand all weather for many seasons to come, and still maintain its decency.


­Use of high quality materials automatically guarantees a durable roof. But you should also bear in mind the cost of the materials in relation to how much you can comfortably spend on your roof. Discuss the issue with your roofer in order to achieve a balance between cost and quality. This is very important regardless of whether you are looking to get your summer home, rental apartments or business premises roofed or re-roofed.

Skills and Experience

Before contracting a roofer in Appleton, you have to consider the level of training and qualification of the people you intend to hire, whether it’s for building a new home or re-modelling. Highly qualified workers, more often than not, deliver high standards for the work done.

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