Water Heater Maintenance Makes Your Water Heater Last Longer

Homeowners across the country rely on water heaters to heat water in their homes. Water heaters get an extra workout during cooler temperatures, when the water in the pipes cools down. It’s not uncommon for homeowners experiencing a loss of hot water to call a plumber. Ventura is home to many experienced plumbers who can perform routine water heater repairs and educate homeowners on routine maintenance procedures.

Your neighborhood plumber wants you to get as much life as possible out of your water heater, and you can do that with routine maintenance. Keeping your water heater in peak condition will also help you avoid costly repairs and may possibly provide a warning if something is about to break so that you can have it repaired before losing hot water.

Draining Sediment from the Water Heater
One of the most common thing a plumber of Ventura will tell you is to regularly drain sediment from your water heater. As a water heater begins to heat up the water it leeches minerals from the water. These minerals end up drifting to the bottom and over time can create rather large layer of sediment that coats the bottom of the water heater. This sediment makes it harder for the heater to heat the water and adds premature wear to your heater.

General Repair Checks and Maintenance
A plumber in Ventura can provide you with a checklist of basic water heater maintenance. Besides draining the sediment, you also need to keep an eye on your heating element and check every few months for leaks around the heater. You should also make sure that the relief valve is in good condition.

If you notice that your water heater is starting to deteriorate, it’s time to call a plumber. Ventura homeowners may be able to fix some minor repairs to their water heater but if you’re unsure about how to fix something, call a plumber. This will save you from incorrectly repairing the heater and causing more damage and expense.

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