Wedding Shawls Add Elegance To A Bridal Gown

The overwhelming popularity of strapless wedding dresses makes the emergence of wedding shawls a logical happening. Even for a traditional June wedding, temperatures may still be cool enough to warrant a wrap for a bride’s shoulders, let alone needs during other cooler times of the year, especially depending upon where the wedding is taking place. There are numerous styles of wedding wraps that a bride can choose from and each one adds its own mark of elegance and style to the overall dress, bride and event.

Some wedding dresses feature a specific wrap as part of the standard package, others do not and this provides the bride with choices to make. There are bolero style jackets, short wraps, stole style wraps, full length shawls, shoulder shawls, waist level shawls and more. In addition to general styles and lengths, there are different materials of Wedding shawls including fur, faux fur, lace, chiffon, satin, silk, and tulle just to name a few. Perhaps you are a bride that would like some sparkle to your attire and, fi so, you may even select a shawl or wrap with sequins or other jewelry. Some bridal wraps come in different colors to act as an accent to the bridal gown and can be tinted to match or coordinate with the bridesmaid dresses.

Many brides do not wear their wedding shawls during the actual wedding ceremony but after it is over at the reception. This is especially so if the bride has had a very long veil which she removes during the reception (it can be hard to walk around and dance at the party with a long extended veil). Once the veil is removed, the shawl, wrap or bolero then becomes the primary accessory and accent to the bridal gown and can add a lovely twist of elegance and style for the bride.

Another favorite feature of wedding shawls for many brides is the ability to use or wear them many times over. Unlike the bridal gown and veil which will be put away after the one wearing, the shawl or wrap can be worn for multiple events and can be a lovely reminder of a most special day every time it is worn. This is yet another reason that the bridal wrap or shawl has grown in popularity so much. The wrap or pashmina can also be personalized with the bride’s new initials, adding yet another touch of specialness to it for the bride.

When shopping for Wedding shawls or other wraps to wear with your bridal gown get in touch with us for your needs.

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