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Comcourse is an educational enhancement company that operates online. They offer universities worldwide a chance to expand their educational facilities by delivering them the tools that are needed to reach out to long distance students. The Company utilizes their technology by upgrading their platforms and support systems to meet the needs of students and teachers across the globe. They build on existing sourced technology, such as Moodle, which is a commonly used portal that bridges teachers to students outside of a traditional classroom. Their LMS system is custom coded, and is built to suit the needs of every student. Comcourse is proud to announce that this is the only platform yet to do this. They focus on providing free training to all of their staff members including teachers, administrators, and even IT staff. Those who use their services to bridge the gap between long distance learners and their educational facility will never go without Comcourse’s support. Their formats are easy to use, and they are built to support the needs of both the teacher and the learner. Comcourse’s portal has already connected countless universities to thousands of students worldwide.

What Comcourse Can Offer

Comcourse offers a range of technical support, and their servers are built to support LMS. Their LMS system tracks all the students’ activities, so that teachers will know who has signed in at the site at what time, to help monitor academic progress and levels of dedication. In addition, their automated systems are designed to alert staff members of potential problems before they even arise. They provide reporting tools that are fully automated. Comcourse will work with you to create a customized plan that suits the needs of your university. Their team can help to improve enrollment rates, attendance, submissions, and even pass rates. Students can use the portal to connect with teachers and staff members, and it also allows assignments to be set over holiday periods. Students can catch up on lost work, and they will have many features available that will allow them to get the most out of their educational experience.

The Live Classroom

Another technological service that Comcourse offers is the live classroom. This service is highly developed and thoroughly tested to make sure that the system is running smoothly. They have a feature available on the classroom that allows teachers to upload presentations on certain subjects. These videos can be watched anywhere at any time, to give students the extra learning tools that they need to succeed. Long distance students can now achieve the same educational experience as traditional students, from the comfort of their own homes.  Comcourse specializes in giving students the tools that they need to become successful and knowledgeable in their chosen courses.

What Comcourse Can Offer Students

  • Year Round Tech Support: Comcourse’s team offers year round tech support services. They operate day and night to give you support when you need it the most. You will never be left without their help and guidance.
  • Live Classroom: Their user friendly classroom service allows students to view live presentations that are fed directly from the source of the college. These can be uploaded to the system, and watched by thousands of students at different times.
  • System Support: Their systems utilize the federal Title IV program. This ensures that a user friendly experience is guaranteed at all times. It also helps to focus on the enrollment of offshore students.
  • Marketing: Comcourse offers marketing to potential students. They make sure that students who meet the correct entry requirements are given equal opportunities to enroll in the courses of their choice.
  • Freedom: They will make no decisions on your behalf. When you employ their services, they ensure that you get every bit of the creative control that is involved. From enrollment decisions to curriculum foundations and customization, you will be in full control of the situation.
  • Easy Communication: Students can communicate through the portal with teaching staff to ask questions about coursework or exams without the need for personal contact.
  • Strictly Professional: Their services are strictly professional. You will be given the tools, support and guidance that are needed to enhance your enrollment rates in an effective and timely manner.

Contact Information

Contact Comcourse today  at (800) 800-1638 to learn more about their phenomenal opportunities to take your educational institution to the next level. They will be happy give guidance and support from beginning to end. Speak to one of their knowledgeable representatives today to discuss a customized plan that will fully meet your goals. Their approach is revolutionary in providing students with a means to get an outstanding education, without ever stepping foot into a school. Visit their website to learn more about what they can provide. Let them show you why their system is second to none.

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