What Are The Different Types Of Heating In Wilmington DE?

When you are preparing the plans for a new home, the type of heating in Wilmington DE needs to be studied, considered and decided upon. The types of heating that are most popular are forced air, radiant, steam radiant and hydronic, which is commonly known as hot water baseboard heating. Geothermal is an option in some parts of the country but not in Wilmington.

The most common type of heating in Wilmington DE is forced air in residences. A forced air system works by heating air with fuel and forcing the heated air throughout the house via ductworks. The term ‘central heating” refers to this system because the heating comes from a central point; the furnace. The furnace can be fueled by oil, natural gas, LPG or electricity. The air that is heated is also humidified and filtered before it is delivered to the various vents in the house. In most cases, this type of system is used for cooling as well.

The warm air is delivered by ducting which is usually installed under floor, the return ducting utilizes the space between the studs in the walls and the ducting needs to be considered during the design stage. Although a forced air system is most used as heating in Wilmington DE it is noisier than other solutions and requires filter maintenance and there is the possibility of dust and allergens being spread throughout the house.

Radiant heating in Wilmington DE is accomplished by running a network of tubes under floor which carry hot water. The tubes can also be installed in the ceiling but as hot air rises, this situation is not often used. The water is heated in a boiler which is fired with the same fuels that are used in forced air systems; oil, gas, LPG and electricity. Although radiant heating is clean, it takes time for the rooms to heat as the water must first be heated and then delivered through the tubing network. Radiant systems cannot be used for air conditioning, a separate system must be installed.

Hot water baseboard heating in Wilmington DE is very similar to radiant heating but there are no tubes buried in the floor or ceiling so maintenance, if needed, is less expensive and less disruptive. As the heating units are simply attached to the baseboard of a room they can be separately controlled, if necessary the room can be totally isolated. The heat is slow to come as with radiant heating and they cannot be integrated with a cooling system either.

Radiant steam heating heats a room through a radiator. There is a pipe bringing hot water to the radiator and another carrying the spent water back to the boiler. Steam heating is clean and quick but many people do not like the looks of radiators in the decorating plans.



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