What constitutes a steroid stack?

Professional sports and athletics is an extremely competitive world and the athletes that are part of it pursue a very demanding training regime that includes workout, diet and recovery. To speed up their recovery time, many athletes use a steroid stack. The athletes buy steroids online and use them in combination to speed recovery and increase muscle growth.

Athletes who turn to steroids do so by cycling the supplements and stack them for maximum effect. A typical steroid stack will consist of several different steroidal preparations which are taken simultaneously in order to maximize muscular development. After the athletes (who are predominately bodybuilders) buy steroids online, they can easily stack them so as to achieve greater muscle growth faster than might be otherwise be achieved from taking only a single anabolic preparation.

When stacking steroids it is important to cycle them. The body needs time to recover from any possible side effects. It is generally accepted that a steroid cycle is carried out in six week intervals. The stacking process varies based on the anabolic(s) used but it is quite common to take one particular anabolic early in the cycle and a different anabolic near the end of the cycle. This method of stacking steroids has proven to be very effective in building muscle mass because the steroids have the tendency to feed off each other as the transition happens.

The basic derivative of all steroids is testosterone, since its tendency is to aid in the synthesis of proteins, which in turn produce muscle mass. Every steroid stack will include as a base, a testosterone booster. The amount of testosterone that’s administered must be monitored as there are unpleasant side effects if abused. A common side effect includes mood swings and rage, which is often referred to as “roid rage”.

Athletes can buy steroids online that are developed to solely build mass lean muscle. The stacks that are sold online are typically categorized into novice, intermediate and advanced use. When one first sets out to build muscle, it is wise to start with a novice stack. Then as the workout program increases in intensity, the bodybuilder moves up a level to use either the intermediate or advanced stacks.

Specific steroid stacks are intentionally selected to achieve different goals. There are stacks which are designed to add bulk as well as stacks to increase speed, endurance and overall strength. The stack that is purchased is the one that suits the athlete’s purpose and expectations.

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