What Is A Dental Spa?

A dental spa is very much like any dental office; however, the procedures that are undertaken are usually cosmetic in nature. New York spa dentistry is not unlike a boutique or salon atmosphere, there is more of an emphasis on wellness and overall health than what might be expected from a general dentist.

A dental spa still offers all the basic services such as routine examinations, cleanings, etc. however the emphasis is very much on cosmetic procedures and as a result there are many procedures that may not be covered by dental insurance policies. A normal cleaning by the hygienist will normally be covered as it is a treatment that is related directly to the overall health of the patient’s teeth and gums. Teeth whitening procedures ion the other hand may not be covered as it is considered to be strictly aesthetic in nature and is not a dental necessity.

Most dental salons have been subjected to a tasteful interior design treatment; this is thought to be more inviting than the traditional look of a dentist’s office which is thought by some to be too “sterile” looking. Many dentists who operate a dental spa go to great lengths to make their office as inviting and as comfortable as many homes. It is not unusual to see massage recliners in the waiting room and having light beverage service such as coffee and tea readily available. Music is invariably the mark of what one expects with New York spa dentistry salons; depending on far the dentist wishes to go in creating a relaxing ambiance there may even be scented candles.

Although dental spas do tend to focus on cosmetic treatments and smile makeovers they also are set up to show clients that there is no reason to be frightened or intimidated with a dental appointment. These dentists are keen on showing their patients that they are just as caring and that the services they provide can be just as luxurious and beneficial as a wonderful massage, of tremendous benefit to both body and spirit. The environment that is found with New York spas dentistry works well with those who for some reason are anxious when they have to visit a dentist.

Just because the environment is comfortable and relaxing does not mean that the level of professionalism can be any less. The dentists and assistants who provide spa treatments must be every bit as qualified as any dentist and they must be licensed to practice in their own jurisdiction.

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