What Is the Role of Kitchen Fitters?

The kitchen holds a unique place in a home. It is where people gather for celebrations even when they are not at kitchen parties. To ensure your kitchen reflects your character and emanates the warmth associated with it, consider consulting kitchen fitter in Cornwall, let them offer you the chance to make it live up to its stereotype.

What Is a Kitchen Fitter?

A kitchen fitter may also be referred to as a kitchen designer, renovator and/or remodeller. S/he may be a contractor or the person who hires a contractor. A kitchen fitter specializes in installing kitchens – complete or partial. This could be in a residence or a workplace.

What Do Kitchen Fitters Do?

When you hire a kitchen fitter, you can expect them to perform one or more of the following actions. This includes:

  • Measuring: S/he provides an accurate measurement of the work.
  • Removal and disposal: A kitchen fitter is responsible for removing specified old appliances, décor and other components and then is expected to dispose of them environmentally responsibly.
  • Construction: of base and wall units as well as cupboards
  • Fitting: This includes such things as worktops, plinths, pelmets and cornices.
  • Cutting: Besides worktops, a kitchen fitter must cut out spaces to fit cookers, hobs and sinks.
  • Tiling: This may be walls but also flooring

To accomplish these actions, kitchen fitters employ a diverse array of hand and power tools. They must be able to do so safely and accurately if the job is to be done in accordance with the client’s requirements.

At Kitchen Kits Ltd the dedicated team of technician are committed to a quality finish work every time and only uses the very best materials for the kitchen fitting working in Cornwall.

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