What Materials Do Roofing Contractors In Columbus OH Use?

Roofing contractors in Columbus OH can tell you many things about roofs and roofing materials but unfortunately that does not mean that they are all applicable. A metal roof on William Shakespeare’s cottage in Stratford-upon-Avon would look very much out of place and a thatched roof would hardly meet the building code. The types of roofs and the materials are very much set by the climate, local styles and building codes. Although you may think that a roof is no more than a hat on the house, it is a lot more than that. There are specific codes for fire retardation, the roof must stand up to the baking sun of the south west and the numbing cold of the Midwest, as well as maintain the harmony within the area.

Roofing contractors in Columbus OH will tell you that the all around favorite is the tried and tested asphalt shingles. Asphalt composition shingles wear well, have a reasonable cost of acquisition and installation and they retard fire. Many suppliers of asphalt composition shingles offer up to a 30 year warranty however it is best to check this with roofing contractors in Columbus OH who deal with the manufacturers product. Years ago the favorite asphalt shingle was the three tab design, those days are long gone and today’s asphalt shingles are textured and sized to appear like other materials such as slate. Although these new designs are a little more expensive than the three tab shingle they add a great deal of “curb appeal” to the property. Regardless of the design, asphalt shingles are the quickest and easiest of all roofs to install.

Traditional roofing contractors in Columbus OH will shy away from installing a galvanized metal roof, they will suggest you contact and work with a contractor who specializes in the installation of metal. Metal roofs are not very popular in the United States but they retain their popularity in developing countries, many of which do not need insulation or a sub roof to be effective. Metal roofing will last 50, perhaps even 75 years if it is properly maintained.

A high end roof that roofing contractors in Columbus OH are competent to install consists of wooden shakes. This roofing material is considered by many to be the ultimate material, not only does it look impressive, they last for many years. As time goes by the cedar wood used in their manufacture slowly weathers into a variegated grey color. As wood shakes are 100% organic they appeal to people today who take “going green” very seriously.

A slate roof is tricky to install and must only be done by roofing contractors in Columbus OH who have the skill. Slate is extremely heavy, slate roofs require an adequate superstructure to hold the weight and they are expensive to install. A slate roof can literally outlive the rest of the house.

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