What Medical Issues Do the Spine Specialists Gainesville GA Practices Employ Treat?

Many medical specialists are specifically trained to treat patients with spine problems. These range from doctors and surgeons to chiropractors, physical therapists, and occupational therapists. The Spine Specialists Gainesville GA practices employ often work in teams to ensure integrated patient care, so it’s likely that your neck or back problems will be evaluated and treated by a host of spine specialists.

Treatment offered will depend on the severity of your problem and your diagnosis. Spine issues arise in three main areas. These are the soft tissue, the nerves, or the bone. Some complex conditions affect more than one of these systems. This is when patients will truly understand the benefit of having a team of specialists on call to aid in diagnosis and treatment.

If you are experiencing pain or decreased range of motion due to issues arising with the soft tissue around your spine, including muscles and ligaments, you may be referred to a neurosurgeon who is further specialized in treating spine conditions. A neurosurgeon can effectively remove spine tumors, treat infections, and often repair deformities. Treatments such as spinal fusion, radiosurgery, and peripheral nerve treatment are all within the scope of a neurosurgeon’s specialization.

Neurosurgeons also focus on treatment of nerve conditions. If you suffer from spinal deformity or a congenital abnormality affecting the bone structure of your spine, any required surgery will likely be performed by an orthopedic surgeon. These surgeons specialize in surgical treatments for bone problems. These include chronic conditions such as scoliosis and osteoporosis as well as acute injuries.

Should any type of surgery be necessary, the team of Spine Specialists Gainesville GA practices employ will continue your specialized treatment post-surgically. Physiatrists, doctors trained in rehabilitation and physical medicine, can help to coordinate your rehabilitation. These doctors take a holistic approach to treating their patients, acknowledging the importance of addressing both physical rehabilitation and mental and emotional aspects of healing. They often prescribe such rehabilitative therapy such as massage, physical and occupational therapy, and designing appropriate exercise plans. Many of these treatments require long-term efforts and the additional help of a physical or occupational therapist specializing in the spine. If you’ve been suffering from a known spinal condition or have been experiencing unfamiliar neck and back pain, visit website to find out more about the variety of spine specialists and the treatments they can offer. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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