What Qualities Will the Right Night Stands in Lancaster, PA Possess?

The plan is to make some changes in the master bedroom. After finding an antique headboard to replace the old one, it’s obvious the current set of night stands in Lancaster PA will not do. Some other solution is needed. Here are some points to keep in mind while looking for night stands that will look great with that headboard.

Consider the Texture and the Color

The inspiration for the ideal Night Stands in Lancaster PA is no further away than the antique headboard. Is it made of iron or some type of hardwood? Perhaps, the design includes soft lines but little in the way of ornamentation. Maybe it’s some type of aged oak with quite a bit of scroll-work in the design. Use the style and the color of the stain or paint to narrow the choices for the ideal set of night stands.

Pay Attention to the Height

One of the problems with the old night stands is they were a little short. That made reading in bed comfortably a little more complicated. For the new set, measure and make sure the tops of the stands are at least level with the top of the mattress. It won’t hurt if they are slightly taller. Stands of the right height will ensure there is plenty of lamplight for reading.

How About Storage?

The old nightstands were equipped with two small drawers. Wouldn’t it be nice to have three drawers that are a little wider and deeper? Assuming there is room along the wall, go for the larger night stands and put that extras storage space to good use.

The Price Matters

Not everyone can add different furnishings to a bedroom and not be concerned about the cost. Set a budget that’s reasonable and try to keep the purchase price under that amount. While this may mean passing up on some sets, it could also make it easier to find a set that has all of the desired features and will not break the bank.

The ideal set may be in stock and waiting for the consumer to drop by and make a purchase.

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