What Should Individuals Know About the Divorce Law in Lakeway TX?

Many people are not fully aware of the Divorce Law Lakeway TX. When someone wants to end their marriage, they need to be aware of the constraints of the law, so they will be able to make the right choices. Hiring a lawyer is one of the first things a person should do when they want to end their marriage. They should hire a lawyer before they even broach the subject with their partner, so they will be able to take the right steps to end the marriage and protect their rights and best interests.

What Should Individuals Know About the Law?

Before an individual seeks a divorce, they need to become familiar with the Divorce Law Lakeway TX. Ignorance of the law can cause a person to make poor choices they later regret. The following offers information on the law to help individuals make the best choices.

  • At least one party in the marriage must have been a resident of Texas for at least six months before filing. If the individual filing lives out of state and their spouse lives in Texas, they are allowed to file for divorce in Texas.
  • If the wife is pregnant, the courts in Texas will not finalize the divorce until after the baby is born, so divorce will have to wait.
  • A collaborative divorce can occur if both parties agree to work together to settle any disputes without judicial intervention. Should the collaborative efforts fail, the legal representative of both sides is not allowed to further represent their client in divorce court.
  • The legal grounds for divorce in Texas include cruelty, adultery, felonies, abandonment for at least a year, separation of at least three years, and confinement in a mental hospital.

How to Get Started

If someone wishes to end their marriage, they need to schedule a consultation appointment with the divorce lawyer. The divorce lawyer will guide their client through every step in the process, to ensure their rights and best interests are protected at all times.

If you would like to set up an initial consultation, contact the office of Margaglione Law PLLC. With a consultation, you will learn about your rights and the laws that govern divorce in Texas.

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