What to Do in a Plumbing Emergency

When you suffer from a plumbing emergency, you are going to want experts to come in and help clean up the mess, as well as the plumber to fix the problem that has caused back up or overflow. This isn’t an area most homeowners should feel obligated to try to remedy themselves because it absolutely requires specialized knowledge and plumbing equipment to appropriately address. There are a few things you can do in the immediate context of a plumbing emergency before the plumbing repair technicians in Phoenix arrive, including:


  • Turn off the water. If the problem is sewage back up, there isn’t anything you can do. If a broken pipe is the cause of flooding, you can cut the main water supply off. This may entail knowing how to do this in your house before an emergency ever occurs.
  • Cut the electricity. If there is significant flooding, you want to prevent the possibility of getting electrocuted before the plumbing repair experts arrive.
  • Protect yourself. A sewage back up is worse than a broken pipe, but in either case you do not want your kids or pets to play in the water. Call a service to clean up the water as soon as possible; don’t wait for the plumbing repair guy to come. Phoenix plumbers likely will not clean up the mess, but will fix the problem that is causing it.
  • Remove valuable items. Wear plastic gloves and boots. Protect your body from possible pathogens. Don’t wade into the water with your bare feet. If furniture is in danger of being damage, you can move it out of the way, as well as other valuables.
  • While it is a good idea to call a service to clean up the mess in severe situations, you can remove as much water and debris as possible on your own as well. Pick up any debris and place in heavy duty garbage bags, and soak up water with paper towels or old rags. You probably do not want to use a mop unless you intend to throw it away.
  • Make space in the work area. Remove items that may become obstacles to plumbing repair once the plumber arrives. Toiletries, plants, cosmetics, toothbrush holders and toothpaste should all be moved off of the counter space not only to prevent contamination, but also to make more space for the plumber to complete the plumbing repair in Phoenix.

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