What to Do When a Sewer Line Backs Up

If you have an older sewer line at your residence in Phoenix, chances are that you are going to need plumbing repair at some point. A multitude of different events can happen that cause problems and possible sewage backup. Lines can crack, tree roots can grow through them, and pipes can even burst or become clogged.

When you have a Phoenix plumbing problem such as a sewer leak or your sewage backs up due to a clog, there is nothing that is more unpleasant. Your property may be damaged by flooding, and the sewage that floods your home is highly dangerous. No resident should remain anywhere near sewage waste without adequate protection because not only can it carry various diseases, but it is toxic, as well. Unless you have a private septic tank, the sewage that comes from the line is most likely a collaborative effort from the entire neighborhood and is not safe to be around. An emergency water damage company in Phoenix that specializes in plumbing and sewage should be called as soon as possible to begin the process of water and biohazard waste removal.

Often the Phoenix plumbing and water removal company that you call will also be licensed and qualified to find out what the cause of the backup is and to correct the problem. Your immediate response to a sewage backup should be to shut off the electricity in the affected areas, call an emergency water removal and plumbing number, notify your insurance company, and wait.

If you have protective clothing, including a mask and goggles, you can begin to expedite the water removal process by removing anything of value that may be in the affected area. Carpets and throw rugs usually cannot be saved or restored when damaged by sewage. Most items affected will have to be thrown into a large, heavy, durable plastic bag for correct disposal. Once you do this, you may start containing the area by taping plastic down to prevent water from extending further, and mopping up sewer water – not with a mop, but with paper towels or disposable rags. It is important not to touch the water with your skin, but to keep your entire body fully protected until expert Phoenix plumbing and water removal specialists arrive.

It may also be wise, if you live in an older home, to have your sewer lines inspected and to undergo regular maintenance as a preventative measure. It’s better to spend the money on prevention than it is to have to deal with sewage that backs up into your living space, contaminating everything it touches.

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