What to Expect During Septic Tank Pumping in Atlanta, Georgia

If you have a septic tank, then it’s in your best interest to keep it maintained. This will ensure that it works properly and won’t cause any problems. It’s recommended that you get septic tank pumping Atlanta Georgia done on a regular basis to prevent any backups or other issues. Below is what you can expect from the process.

The Tank Will be Located

The first step in the septic tank pumping in Atlanta Georgia process is knowing exactly where the tank is. The pumper will locate and access the lids. Depending on the age of your tank, this may require accessing one or two compartments for the pumping.

Once the tank has been located, they will then remove the lids. In some cases, this may be a challenging step. Lids can get corroded and break during the process. Be rest assured that most companies carry extra lids with them so they will replace yours if it gets destroyed.

The Tank Will be Pumped and Cleaned

A hose that is connected to a truck will be placed into your tank and all liquids and solids will be removed. Once the tank is as empty as possible, the pumper will then wash it out with water to get every last bit of solids they possible can.

The Tank Will be Inspected

Once the tank is free of most of the sludge, the pumper will then inspect it. This will allow them to look for any damage from tree roots or corrosion. If everything looks good, the lids will be put back in place and the tank will once again be covered. Should there be any issues, the professional will let you know the best way to remedy the situation.

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