What to Know Before Any Plastic Surgery Procedures

Plastic surgery is the medical procedure conducted on individuals to enhance, repair and reconstruct certain body parts. It is also a procedure that can be undertaken to remove dangerous tumors and growths.

Major reasons that lead to the need of this procedure include,

  • A need to look different or enhance certain body parts
  • Natural defects and abnormalities for example birth marks, cleft lips, webbed toes or fingers and deformed palette
  • Occurrence of high degree burns and accidents
  • Restoration and repairing of deformed parts of the body as a result of diseases like cancer and mastectomy

There are two major classifications of plastic surgery. They are,

  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Reconstructive surgery

Cosmetic surgery mainly involves surgery procedures that lead to change of appearance of some features for beauty or esteem purposes. It includes tummy tucks, facelifts, liposuction, breast reduction and enlargement, nose job and phalloplasty.

Reconstructive surgery involves surgery procedures due to natural occurrences like diseases, accidents and birth deformities. It includes,

  1. Breast reconstruction- this is surgery done to women who have undergone mastectomy because of growths and tumors.
  2. Facial reconstruction- This surgery is mainly meant to repair natural deformities or those caused by accidents. For example, cleft lip deformity and nose job due to nose injuries.
  3. Contracture surgery- This surgery is done to burn victims of either fire, gases or liquids. It is meant to fix various parts by trying to restore them to their normal figure or state.
  4. Microsurgery- This is surgery done to get rid of parts affected by a disease.

Surgeons use different and varying techniques depending on the type of surgery to be conducted and the results expected. The most common techniques include,

  • Expanding of tissues- this is a common technique for reconstructive surgery. The tissues are expanded using various solutions to enhance their growth.
  • Skin grafts- This is basically removing skin parts from the healthy body parts and transferring them to the affected areas.
  • Flap surgery- It involves transfer of tissues with their body cells to the affected area while they remain partially attached to the body. It is common for injury victims.
  • Vacuum closure- This is where sterile foam is used to initiate healing of a certain body part and provide camouflage. It is an ideal surgery technique to use for victims with chronic wounds.

Before undergoing best plastic surgery in Peru, ensure you that you are familiar with all the risks involved in the surgical procedures and that you have a qualified and skilled surgeon.

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