What to Look for in a Knoxville Social Security Disability Attorney

You might need a Knoxville Social Security disability attorney if you’ve recently been turned down for benefits. You may also want a professional if you feel like you need help with your application. Whatever the reason for looking for an attorney, you’ll need to search for the following characteristics:

A Majority of Positive Case Results

One thing you need to search for in a prospective Knoxville Social Security disability attorney is a large number of case wins. You want to find a provider who has many years of experience and enough wins to make you feel comfortable hiring him or her. A confident attorney will usually list statistical information on the website. If not, you can still inquire about such things by writing to the prospective attorney.

A Fair Payment Schedule

You’ll need to hire an attorney that understands what you’re going through with your finances. You’re having a problem paying your bills because you can’t work due to your disability. Therefore, you need a Knoxville Social Security disability attorney who’s willing to offer you contingency representation or an alternative that will be sensitive to your situation.

A Compassionate Nature

You’ll need to hire an attorney who has a generally compassionate nature, as well. This professional should care about you on a deep level and want to do everything possible to see you succeed in your quest for benefits. You can gauge the attorney’s level of compassion by scheduling an appointment to speak to him or her.

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